Baking with your toddler

Baking with your toddler

Baking with your toddler

“Baking with your toddler” does it sounds exciting?

Well it is great for your toddler as they see their mother cooking all the time in the kitchen.

The pinch of this, a pinch of that, the colorful vegetables always fascinates a child. And then comes the smell of haven. They love to explore things in this amazing world and especially when it is something which they are not allowed to do, doesn’t it sound interesting? They know baking with their toys is never same. It definitely does not give them the same satisfaction.

But when we think of the mess they might make, we shiver with fear. How will I ever finish cooking? How will I ever clean up the happy spills? Always the escape route is- Cook while the baby is sleeping. If we can get past the horror of cleaning the floor, the kitchen, the dishes, the cloths and of course the happy little mischief maker, we will understand how much fun it is to see their unrestrained happiness. Their awestruck smile when they lick the cake batter from their fingers. And then their satisfied first bite of the cake they cooked with you.

Baking with your kid is a very good way to connect and the results are delicious. Right from the mixing the batter, frosting the cake and making their favorite cookies of different shapes, sizes and of course decorating it with their favorite color.

Well here are few tips to get you going:

1) Talk about it: remind them of the cake they like or the cookie that daddy liked. It will excite them that with just few whips and bakes they will soon be eating one of their favorites.

2) Let them do it: You can measure the ingredients but let them mix it. Kids love to smear greasy stuff. So let them grease the baking tray till you do the final mixing.

3) Let them imagine: Use different color frosting and while decorating let their imagination go wild. It might not be the perfect store decorated cake or cookie but your child will eat them haphazardly cooked cake with more enthusiasm.

And while doing all this have fun. Put their favorite song and sing with them.


1) Bonding: It’s a great way to bond with your toddler as they get a feeling that we trust them to do a job or to help us.

2) Build self esteem: When they see what they helped to create it gives them a great sense of self accomplishment.

3) Follow directions: Asking and showing them what needs to be done next, gives them a sense of following directions.

4) Creativity: When they make their own design of their cookies it encourages them to be more creative.

5) Patience: This is something which is very hard for the toddlers. The waiting time involved here will teach them how to be patient.

Safety tips:

1) Always accompany your toddler in the kitchen

2) Wash hands before starting

3) Wear apron to protect clothes.

4) Use plastic containers instead of glass to avoid breakage

5) Ensure your kid understands that the Oven is something out of bounds for them.

So, get set and bake…Good luck and Enjoy


6 thoughts on “Baking with your toddler

  1. So wonderfully written Seemana! What touched me the most was you chose a subject which is so connected to everyday human life, yet is not thought about! Keep writing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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